1 Year in Chiang Mai, Thailand

My experience of living 1 year in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 1 year now.

Diving Into Web-Crawling

Where to start with the art of hoarding online data?

How to fix redis busy

How to fix annoying redis busy error when working with redis lua scripts and multiple clients

Quest Accepted: Travel to HCMC, Vietnam

My and my girlfriend's struggle to get to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Why I use GPL license

Why I use GNU's General Public License and why I think it's a superior free or even open software license and anyone should consider it for your project.

How to disable thinkpad trackpoint acceleration

A short note on how to properly disable thinkpoint trackpad acceleration

Going to Vietnam!

Preparing to spend 3 months in Vietnam, working remotely and experiencing a distance culture - an exciting proposition!

Securing Data With eCryptfs

protect your sensitive data like crypto wallets with eCrypt overlay filesystem!


Recently I made small website in flask for aggregating educational youtube videos and I'd like to share my experience.

Doom and Stone in Tallinn

I went to a brilliant doom and stone metal concert in Tallinn, Estonia. Spearheaded by Stoned Jesus itself and back by two brilliant bands from Poland!